Seva Selfless Service CoverI started writing this book after Guruji passed away. After all these years, it’s finally come to light.

The book is a reflection on how a life lived in service and meditation leads to a life “well spent.”

As a child, I grew up horrified and saddened by the U.S. policies on racism, segregation and discrimination. Seva shows how the fusion of Yoga, civil rights and music reconstructed the shattered pieces of my heart and soul.

It follows my life’s work: teaching Yoga to AIDS patients in hospices, women in halfway houses, senior citizens and children in the inner-city schools of California, New York, Boston and India.

Throughout, music is intertwined and enhanced my journey.

This book is not a traditional Yoga book and very little is said about asanas. It’s a book about the gift of social awareness and the responsibility we have to each other.

Book release parties will be held in Mysore, New York and Australia.

For all inquires, please use my contact page or find me on Facebook.

Om Shanti Om