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“First SistaShree recorded Sacred Sounds
as she experienced the ethereal gospel of India’s
Great Indus Valley.
With Wings on her back She flew High into
The Himalayas and Chanted
The Pilgrimage to Varnasi, Shivas City,
Humbles the Soul
Taking Us
From Darkness to Light and from Death to
–James Blood Ulmer, American Jazz & Blues Guitarist & Singer

The pilgrimage to Varnasi, Shiva’s city, humbles the soul taking us from darkness to light and from death to immortality. Devotional music is of the soul. Any one can play this music. It is organic. It moves the energy in the body. It heals the soul and lifts the spirit. It makes you want to dance and shout and it can take you into that still quiet zone that is the unknown. It removes fear and replaces it with joy.


  1. SACRED SOUND Mr. Charles Burnham
  2. High Places Mr. James Blood Ulmer
  3. ASATOMA Mr. Leonardo Ferraro
  4. Puja Shri Muthu Kumar
  5. TANDAVA Mr. Srinivas Prasad
  6. UNPLUGGED in India Mr. Srinivas Prasad
  8. Dance to My Music with Mishko M’ba
  9. Freedom Independence Moksha

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